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Who I am

Andrew Theroux is a front-end web developer out of Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia.

What I do

I’m Andrew Theroux, and I've been making websites since grade school. Although I have a B.S. in biology, making websites has always been what’s paid the bills and made me the happiest.

Since going pro, my focus has been on front-end development. HTML, CSS, and javascript/jQuery are the tools of my trade, but there’s so much more to it than that—accessibility, semantics, SEO, code performance & optimization, cross browser/device compatibility—to name but a few considerations.

I love content management systems, whether they're open source like WordPress or completely proprietary, and I’m always willing to figure out enough back-end coding to make them bend to my will.

One of my other great loves is user interface design. Although I’m not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination, I’ve been known to push a few pixels for fun and for profit.

picture of Andrew Theroux front-end developer

In the past, I've worked for a family of personal finance websites, for a company that created and licensed its own CMS, and a public relations firm. Presently, I work for the Branded Experiences team at Aol. Some of the sites I’ve had the pleasure of working on are Heidi Klum’s website and Cambio On the Spot, a web series in the same vein as American Idol.

Oh, and in case you didn’t get it, therouxdown is supposed to sound sorta like throwdown. So now, hopefully, you know not to pronounce the silent X in my name.

Hire me

At present, I’m working full-time and not actively seeking any freelance projects. Nevertheless, please feel free to email me.

Get in touch

I used to have one of those fancy PHP contact form scripts, but quite frankly, I think they're annoying. I’d much rather send correspondence in my favorite email client, wouldn’t you?

Email me here: therouxdown [at]

Or, say hi on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+.


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